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Diagnostic Veterinary X-Rays for Woodland Pets

Even though your dog or cat is domesticated, they still have the instincts of a wild animal. With that said, they do not show pain because that shows vulnerability to its predators. Your pet is also part of the family. As such, Yolo Veterinary Clinic in Woodland offers veterinary diagnostics, much like the preventative medicine you receive from your doctor, to ensure your furry friend is at their healthiest.

Our veterinary staff are radiological experts and always remain up-to-date with technology. We use more advanced techniques such as digital X-rays and digital radiology, to diagnose many health conditions your pet might mask. An X-ray, for example, can reveal whether Fido or Fluffy has a problem within one or more of their systems, including:

* Cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary
* Gastrointestinal
* Musculoskeletal
* Reproductive
* Urinary tract It’s much easier for us to treat an illness if we can see what it is.

Using Ultrasound & EKG Technology to Pinpoint Health Problems

If the X-ray proves inconclusive, we’ll take your pet’s care one step further with an ultrasound. For animals suffering from suspected congenital or other heart problems, we’ll also run an EKG. These advanced tests allow us to pinpoint issues such as:

* Bladder and/or kidney stones
* Hip dysplasia
* Pregnancy issues
* Urinary tract distress

This technology provides doctors with a clear picture of your internal organs, and the same holds true with your best friend. When using all the tools at our disposal, we can diagnose your animal’s health issues quickly and clearly.

Bring Your Fur Baby in for a Diagnostic Checkup, If your pet isn’t acting his or her usual self, consider bringing your pet in for an animal X-ray. At Yolo Veterinary Clinic, “EVERY pet is special to us”. Since 1952, our furry patients have come from all over the area, including Woodland, West Sacramento, Knights Landing, Winters, and Davis. We also specialize in pet dental care, so call us today at 530-666-3366.