Loving Pet Boarding Service In Woodland, CA

At Yolo Veterinary Clinic, we recognize that your pets are not just animals – they’re cherished members of your family. Since opening our doors back in 1952, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing premium doggie daycare services in the community of Woodland, CA.

Our committed and passionate team treats every furry friend with the same love and care they would get at home while you’re traveling or busy elsewhere. Pet parents can rest assured, when they leave their pet with us—they’ll be settled into a secure, comfy, and loving environment that feels like a second home during their stay.

Our Pet Boarding Services

We pride our pet care boarding business on offering top-quality services designed to cater to the specific needs of your furry friends. Our facilities are spacious and secure, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for your furry family.

Every corner is cleaned regularly and meals are provided based on dietary requirements.

Dogs enjoy plenty of playtime in our large outdoor area while cats have a separate indoor space filled with fun toys. Experienced staff members are always present, providing companionship and ensuring good health during their stay.

Rest assured knowing that if urgent medical care is needed, professional veterinary assistance is readily available for boarding pets at all times.

Comfortable Boarding Facilities for Dogs & Cats in Woodland, CA

Despite popular belief, your pet does not want to vacation with you. Yolo Veterinary Clinic in Woodland offers both dog boarding and cat boarding, and we do so with facilities that are climate controlled for your animal’s comfort.

We provide ample space for play and recreation, and when your canine is out romping around with the other residents they will forget how much they miss you. Felines have their own space, and their playroom is filled with places to climb and explore. The beauty of our dog and cat boarding services is that we can also take care of your animal if it has special needs. We’re vets, after all! You will vacation without worry when you let us take care of your canine or feline while you’re away.

Pet Pharmacy

Our on-site pet pharmacy is here for you whether you house your pet with us or not. If you bring your furry friend in for a routine exam and there is a need for prescribed medication, we have it on hand. We stock our veterinary pharmacy with medications specific to your animal. We are a clinic where you have access to all of your pet’s needs, including a veterinary pharmacy to fill their prescriptions.

Supplies, Microchipping & More

We are also your stop for pet supplies. We carry the flea, tick and heartworm medications that we recommend. We can also microchip your canine or feline to ensure that it finds its way back to you, should it decide to explore. Think about this added layer of protection when you bring your best friend in for its vaccinations. Collars with tags can be yanked off by branches and other objects.

Taking Good Care of Your Furry Friends in Davis & Knights Landing At Yolo Veterinary Clinic, we love your pet as much as you do. We provide comprehensive care for animals in Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento, Knights Landing and Winters. Call us today at 530-666-3366 for your boarding, pharmaceutical and supply needs

Why Choose Us

We offer a comfortable home away from home for your pets. All types of dogs and cats under our quality care enjoy clean, spacious boarding facilities with individual attention from our professional staff.

Our team treats each pet as part of the family, providing regular meals, playtime, essential grooming, and special diets if needed to keep them healthy and happy.

Our pet boarding service guarantees peace of mind for you while you’re away. We have skilled veterinary assistants on-site round the clock to handle emergencies or administer prescribed medications if needed.

Moreover, our facility uses modern surveillance systems ensuring unmatched safety for your furry friends.

Opting for our services also contributes to the local economy because we are deeply rooted in Woodland Hills community since 1952. Apart from these benefits, using our pet boarding service has an added advantage – it helps support other animals too!

Boarding Rates

Cats Boarding

(on no meds) – $24.00
Boarding (on one med) – $27.00
Boarding (on two meds) – $30.00
Boarding (on three or more meds) – Varied
Boarding (complicated) – $40.00
Brush per day – $8.50
Nail trim – $23.00

Dogs Boarding

(on no meds) – $32.00
Boarding (on one med) – $35.00
Boarding (on two meds) – $38.00
Boarding (on three or more meds) – Varied
Boarding (Complicated) – $43.00​
Additional walk per day – $9.00
Playtime (20 minutes per day) – $10.50
Nail trim (Under 25 pounds) – $29.50
Nail trim (25 – 50 pounds) – $35.50
Nail trim (Over 50 pounds) – $48.50
Nail trim (complicated) – $85.50
Bath while boarding (<40 pounds) – $65.00
Bath while boarding (>40 pounds) – $95.00
Doggie day care (<40 pounds) – $15.00
Doggie day care (41-60 pounds) – $18.00
Doggie day care (>60 pounds) – $20.00

Rabbits Boarding

(on no meds) – $18.50
Boarding (with meds) – $20.00

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